Natural Hydrosols with Traditional Steam Distillation Process

Since ancient times, Hydrosols have been used medicinally, nutritionally, and as a source of perfume.





HYDROSOLS As Consumer Products

With passion, creativity and innovation we bring almost all the variety of hydrosols existing on this planet.



Hydrosols can be used in an endless number of ways. Most hydrosols are virtually clear and water soluble. 

Hydrosols can be blended to achieve greater synergism between the individual hydrosols. Experiment and create unique aromatic combinations. The most common use of hydrosols are Facial Spray, Body Spray, Gentle Hair Fragranting Spray, Facial Toner, Aromatherapy, Food Flavor and many more..




A true hydrosol is made of condensed water collected after steam distillation. This ingredient is sterile on its own because it has been a hot vapour and almost no microorganisms can tolerate the temperature of steam. The application of steam is a popular sterilization or disinfection method, depending on the duration of contact and vapor pressure. These waters have both internal and external applications. 

In general, hydrosols are rich in oxygenated compounds. Small volatile organic acids are often found in it, which implies that hydrosols usually have an acid pH, which can also be monitored for batch to batch consistency. 

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