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Most Natural Perfumery 


They draw their richness from heady substances like musk, vanilla and precious woods, often associated with exotic floral and spicy scents. With their spices, musks, incense and resins, the orientals are rooted in perfume’s own history, using many of the same ingredients today that were first enjoyed in the orient – India and Arabia – at the dawn of fragrance creation. Seductive and voluptuous, have a warm, heavy, diffusive richness.


Oriental perfumes can be quite intense, featuring warm and spicy notes like nutmeg, musk and cloves. These consist of rich and exotic smells from the Eastern regions of the world. They are often described as sensual and seductive scents that are dominated by warm amber.

Product Name Odour
Oriental.Compounds Strong Spicy, Amber, Musk, Floral.

Application Suitability

Application of these highly complex fragrances are complex too. From an array of plant species, including currently used model systems, the characterization of the unique genetic variability is created in these fragrances.

Our fragrances are free from alcohol, non-inflammable, non-hazardous, non-toxic and for industrial use only.

There suitability chart is as follows:

Application Suitability
Alcoholic Perfume 7
Anti-perspirants/Deo 7
Creams and Lotions 9
Lipsticks 9
Talcum Powder 8
Tablet Soap 8
Liquid Soap 9
Shampoo 9
Hair Conditioner 7
Bath/Shower Gel 6
Cold Wave 1
Acid Cleaner 6
Ammonia 4
Chlorine 1
Detergent Powder 8
Liquid Detergent 6
Fabric Softener 7
Candles 8
Pot Pourri 8
Incense Sticks 7


9 = Very Good Performance

8 = Good Performance

7 = Reasonable performance

6 = Fair performance

5 = Mediocre performance

4 = Slight stability problems

3 = Discoloration Problems

2 = Stability problems

1 = Major problems

0 = XX Not recommended for use

Please Note: Due to the fact that our fragrances are very concentrated, we suggest that you test our fragrances in finished products before you make any conclusions about our fragrances. Since our fragrances are so strong, we suggest only using 0.5 to max 4% in any finished product. Our testing notes should never take the place of your own personal testing. Always test fragrance in finished (product) applications.


Oriental fragrances are warm, sweet and even a little spicy. A more luxurious fragrance family, oriental fragrances vary from floral oriental, soft oriental and woody oriental.

The present invention’s compounds have been described in various context of odors, where it is mentioned that, amongst other similar phenols, 3-(n-propyl)phenol is part of the cardboard odor and has a leather-like, phenolic and ink-like odor. 3-(n-Propyl)phenol and 3-ethylphenol are also presents in the  oriental compounds.

Furthermore, the invention’s compound can also be advantageously used in all the fields of modern oriental perfumery, i.e. fine or functional perfumery, to positively impart or modify the odor of a consumer product into which said compound is applied.

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