What is the relation of the word KONIKA with perfumery?

‘KONIKA’, The word comes from an ancient language Sanskrit word ‘KANKA’ which means the scent of LOTUS (flower).

Later the pronunciation changed to ‘KONIKA’. 

In ancient times, the only language used worldwide was Sanskrit. In Sanskrit the term ‘tatt’ stands for LOTUS (flower) and ‘gandha’ stands for fragrance.

According to few historic books, the extraction process of the scent of lotus is called ‘KANKA’ in Sanskrit but pronounced as ‘KONIKA’ in English.

Why snake with five heads in a KONIKA logo?

Snakes possess the best sensory organ for taste and smell through their tongue.

They flick their tongues to collect chemicals from the air or ground, using the so called vomeronasal organ in the top of the mouth. 

In Hindu Mythology, Snake with five heads is referred as ‘Sheshnag’, which is also known to be ‘God of Snakes’ may be referred as God of sensory organ for taste and smell.

is the logo representing ‘konika’ as scent and snake’s tongue as testing tool for quality?

Yes, that’s the exact explanation of the logo. They are natural GC/MS systems.

The forks on a snake’s tongue are designed to fit into two holes in the roof of his mouth. These holes access the Jacobson’s organ, this organ is a group of sensory receptor cells located in the palate. Once the scent particles are passed from the forks of the snake’s tongue into the Jacobson’s organ, the chemical compounds are processed and the sensory analysis is transmitted to the brain.

Snakes were thought to have and detect healing powers in ancient Greek cultures and told in Greek mythology.

Protection of the KONIKA logo

KONIKA is the registered trademark for KONIKA AROMAS under the Department for Promotion of Industry and Trade, Government of India.

Thus, any use of the proprietary trademark without the consent is strictly prohibited.

KONIKA may develop logos and other promotional materials designed for use in the fragrance and flavor industry. Awareness of taste, aroma, nourishment and health issues. 

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