We have an Exciting History and Origin

About Our Origin

It all started in the year 1914 place Kannauj, a town lesser known then in the northern annals of erstwhile British India, our forefather put a vision into being, laying the foundations of a fragrant future. He started formulating natural fragrances and since then family fed to the human passion for fragrances with quality and commitment. Then, during the early 50s, when the perfumery industry was about to witness the advent of brands and marketing warfare in India, Shri Ram Nath Mehrotra Ji (Jhallan Bhaiya), set up a small scale perfumery factory with the help of his four brothers under the name of Lalji Kedar Nath Khattri Perfumers. The urge to create a business around consumer tastes and preferences led Jhallan Bhaiya to innovate quality products. His sagacity revolutionized the market of chewing tobacco, with the best and innovative tobacco perfume and soon he became renowned not only in the tobacco industry but even amongst the connoisseurs of toiletries, cosmetics and oriental perfumes all over India and the world. Blending modernity, technology and tradition, Jhallan Bhaiya’s grandson and son of Shri Rakesh Nath Mehrotra, brought the dawn of a new era – an era that saw a revolution. Shri Rachit Mehrotra inherited qualities of high virtues, innovation and aspiration for being the best in the business. His in-depth knowledge of chemicals and also honorary Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from Texas, USA, gave him the title of ‘next generation perfumer of India’. He is credited with blending fragrances and flavors for various exquisite cosmetics, toiletries and mouth fresheners. Continuing the era of innovation and quality, Mr. Rachit Mehrotra set new benchmarks in Foods & Beverages Industry. His Innovative flavors are changing the way of the Indian Foods & Beverages Industry.  Thus, our family has successfully woven over decades legend of innovation and enterprise. And the quest for innovation continues.

From Chairman's Desk

It gives me immense pleasure to know the next generation of ‘KONIKA’ fragrance and flavors family is going to re-whimper the aromatic world.

Now it is a well known fact that the aromatic world is a dynamic process in which new-fangled thoughts are supplemented persistently to construct the perfumery in a progressive approach.

It is also realism that the nation is as strong as its innovation system.  A developed country has a strong and depth rooted innovation system where as the developing and poor country has comparatively week and superficial system. It is the innovation and its system of implementation that makes the country great, strong and developed.

KONIKA is into deep research and associated with all the major perfumers, scientists and independent-researchers worldwide, which leaves no stone untouched in the new generation fragrance development field.   We are working very hard to make the way of working of the management and other members of KONIKA family (which includes our clients and vendors) very innovative and appreciable,  which makes it one big family.

    Our Team as Family

    Our team does not only make planning of a new eco-system but also execute, monitor and evaluate the achievement.

     Research Assistance Team as Family

    KONIKA global team of researchers plays a very indispensable role in developing a perfumery compound from almost any fragrance ingredient-prevailing on this planet.  Our research assistants, associates and independent-researchers are there in the regions like   India, US, France, Germany and Sweden.  These associates, makes us global and are considered as organization builders. Innovation and research has no boundaries and even it is not dependent on finance and approach, all it wants is enthusiasm and quest to achieve a goal.

     Vendors and Clients as Family

    We are perfumers for more than ten decades now. Now we have made it more competitive in terms of price and quality. Under the guidance of Shri Rachit Mehrotra  and with all new state of the art facility lab, engineers and chemists (all world class). Creativity and technical performance are at the centre of our business. But one heritage is unshakable that is our bonding and association of more than ten decades with our clients and vendors. Every next generation of perfumers family comes with even a stronger bond of association.

    That makes us ready to face any challenge in the world of fragrances and flavors.

     Our Strength: We never believe in making customer, we believe in making family.

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