Researching for Next Generation Fragrances and Flavors




Research and Development is the mainstream job for any perfumer.



Fragrance is a harmonious combination comprising natural and/or synthetic ingredients with durability, diffusiveness and ability to get fixed in required cosmetics and other products. Therefore, we study plenty of technical literature on chemistry of different fragrant materials like essential oils, aromatic chemicals, oleoresins, absolutes and from these we rectify which ingredients are to be used to design the desired fragrance. If, a fantasy fragrance is to be copied for which technical literature is not available, then the record has to be created using sophisticated instrumental mode of analysis like

GC/MS, NMR, FT-IR, UV, X-Ray etc.

We surf research reports on chemistry of fragrance and flavor components in target materials. This helps us to decide which ingredient is to be used, which is the most effective, which is the least and the reason for producing discoloration or change in odor or taste profile.


Flavor is a combination of natural and/or synthetic ingredients with capability to get fixed in required product to give mingled but unitary experience, which includes taste, smell and sensory perception, particularly mouth feel. In most cases, it is soluble in water. We classify flavors on the basis of taste and aroma.

Discovery is the process of revelation and invention. It is the cultivation, nurturing and development of iconic fragrances and flavors, so as to create new product applications and market opportunities.

Our Latest Projects

Our Most Ambitious Project. Introducing Nanotechnology in Fragrances and Flavors. We are extensively researching on it. The application of nano-emulsions as a novel delivery system for lipophilic materials, such as essential oils, esters, aldehydes, polymers and other aromatic ingredients used in flavors and fragrances is one of the growing technologies used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries.

There are thousands of scent building blocks (synthetic fragrances and extracts from flowers, mosses, spices, and fruits) that are available to KONIKA. KONIKA has a database of 1.5 million formulas made from various combinations of substances, and this database will be synchronized with the AI platform. After analyzing the data with a deep learning algorithm, the AI system finds new possibilities which weren’t explored before. 

Biotechnology is the way forward to develop 100% natural fragrances and flavor ingredients which results to all natural product. It can enable the flavor and aroma industry to displace chemically synthesized ingredients with ones produced through fermentation. Fermentation is a commonly used process in production of natural foods, flavorings and ingredients, including yogurt, cheese, and breads.

Research and Development

Research and development is the mainstream job for any perfumer. It is a science to the extent we are copying something from nature i.e. using GC or GC/MS and other sophisticated instrumental modes of analysis to be aware about constituents of natural materials. Here, imagination and only imagination works. In case of fragrance and flavor, the story ends only when they are successfully applied in a product and hence in our opinion, it is a science backed by an artistic approach. Except the case of alcoholic perfumery, one has to be very much careful about the end product and mode of application. Designing a rose for pan masala and a soft drink would be entirely different from each other and one has to be aware about the stability of ingredients used in the final product.

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