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The beginnings of modern AI can be traced to classical philosophers’ attempts to describe human thinking as a symbolic system. But the field of AI wasn’t formally founded until 1956, at a conference at Dartmouth College, in Hanover, New Hampshire, where the term “artificial intelligence” was coined. Investment and interest in AI boomed in the first decades of the 21st century when machine learning was successfully applied to many problems in academia and industry due to new methods, the application of powerful computer hardware, and the collection of immense data sets.

About Biotechnology in Perfumery

Fragrances are designed by Master Perfumers who typically train for 10 years before they become proficient at their craft. There are many technical aspects that must be mastered, such as how to formulate fragrances that won’t irritate the skin and that won’t turn cloudy or turn color when left on the shelf for months. Beyond the technical requirements, a perfumer must create a fragrance that smells good, triggers a desired emotional response and is unique. 
Fragrance creation begins when a perfumer specifies a set of target notes, the technical requirements for the new fragrance, and the target market. We use a generate and evaluate architecture to create new fragrances. Each fragrance is evaluated and scored using a multi-attribute evaluation function that considers how well it hits the target notes, its overall pleasantness, its technical performance, and its uniqueness in the market. To know whether a fragrance is unique, you need to know the set of existing fragrances. Fragrances are typically characterized by the set of fragrance notes exhibited in the top, middle and base of the fragrance. A unique combination of fragrance notes indicates a unique fragrance. We use machine learning to predict the technical properties of fragrance formulas. These learned models are then used to filter prospective formulas to remove those that will not meet regulatory requirements.

Application Suitability

Fragrance creation is an area that is ripe for the application of AI because it requires deep technical knowledge, the ability to predict human response to complex combinations of ingredients and the need for originality. Thus, AI is aimed at helping Perfumers be more creative and productive. Research AI for Fragrance Composition. It is a system that uses new and advanced machine learning algorithms to sift through hundreds of thousands of formulas and thousands of raw materials, helping identify patterns and novel combinations. It does more than serve up inspiration – it can design entirely new fragrance formulas by exploring the entire landscape of fragrance combinations to discover the whitespaces in the global fragrance market.                             

Please Note: We are in continuous research on safety and hazards aspects of these materials. Hence, we only blend those material which are WHO recommended, non toxic, non hazardous and for industrial use only. 

it is critical for us as a society intimately involved with the health of the people to be aware of this new technology, to educate our own members about it, and to play an active role in evaluating this technology and setting policies and guidelines for its safe and fruitful use.

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