Fragrances From Cosmetics to Toiletries

Creating Trademark Fragrances and Flavors for all the leading brands

Our Fragrances & Flavors are  applied in all the major FMCG Brands   


As individual molecules interact with the 350 olfactory receptors in the nose, a human’s instincts are awakened. This response is what motivates perfumery experts. By interpreting the nuances of the olfactory receptor code, our researchers aim to understand more precisely how humans experience odor.



Across all applications, our research team is continuously developing innovative and green aromatherapy technologies to enhance the consumer experience. For example, in home care, our scientists are working to extend the lingering bloom on clothes, sheets and other textiles. In Oral Care, we are creating a unique set of sensations designed to trigger consumer satisfaction. Our industry-leading delivery solutions include perfume longevity, bloom and malodor counteraction, creating positive emotions and enhancing wellbeing around the world.

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